A Collection of Lived Experiences

I AM HUMAN was created with the purpose of bringing together individuals from all different walks of life, having my art as the common denominator. Showcasing the complexity of the human experience. These are a collection of stories from strangers, loved ones, friends, and individuals I've met in the different cities I have travelled and lived in. All of the stories are paired with a drawing that is associated somehow to the individual. They have written their story in their own words anonymously, allowing them to be as vulnerable as they would like and to keep it as authentic as possible. I'm incredibly grateful for those who have trusted me with their lived experiences. We live in such a divided time... May we all hold just a little more space for each other, listen and ask questions about our neighbours, loved ones, and strangers...We may find the realization that we aren't so different after all. I hope we can rebuild the human connection I fear we have lost over the last few years.


I often have an idea embedded into my subconscious before I can fully understand what the greater message will be through my art. Originally, I started this 28-day challenge and found myself gravitating towards travel images from close friends, family, and individuals I knew. I understood that my subconscious would soon show me where I was going with this. Fast forward to day five and six when I had completed my more personal written bio for Art Vancouver and the entire collection came to fusion. I wanted to collect anonymous stories from the incredible individuals I have met throughout my life.


by Scarlett Grae

I accept commissioned projects that align with my style of work. To discuss what you have in mind, please email me and I would love to set up a meeting in person to get a understanding of what you’re envisioning. If you are not local we can arrange a videocall to develop a further understanding of the level of detail, emotions, energy, and colours of the artwork you would like created. I look forward to hearing from you.



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