I am Scarlett Grae,

an artist with a fierce love of nature, passionate desire to help others, and courage to voice my truth.  “Grae” originates from Sanskrit for an ancient being known as “the gift”.  I was born in 1995, and Scarlett Grae was reborn in 2020: in 2020, I received the exquisite gift of becoming.  Through a time of pain, I discovered my voice and my purpose.  I found the passion to nurture my artistic talents instead of pushing them to the margins in favour of practicality.  Sunrays of joy flooded the waiting spaces in my soul, relishing in my courage to make art exist in a permanent spot in my life. It was in 2020 that, when my coloured pencil hit the tooth of the paper, I met myself. 

My art is fine art created using coloured pencils, which allow me to blend colours to create layers and depth. I also explore the beauty of acrylic paint.  My mixed-heritage background gives me intimate awareness of blending, layers and depth of human experience. The inspiration I have drawn from those around me compel me to explore the complexity of humanity in all of its modes of sexuality, sensuality, strength, and wisdom. My deep respect for nature inspires me.  From hiking through the mountains of Colombia and wandering the Wadi Rum desert to marveling at the pyramids of Egypt and meditating on the beaches of Goa, my travels imprint themselves on my soul and are recreated into my art.

A gift has the energy of expansion and reciprocity.  As I expand my collections, I want you to feel expanse in your spirit as you see them.  I want my art to ignite the love of nature in your heart.  I want you to feel hopeful, inspired, and aware, dancing with the same questions about the earth, love, purpose, and pain, as I do.



by Scarlett Grae

I accept commissioned projects that align with my style of work. To discuss what you have in mind, please email me and I would love to set up a meeting in person to get a understanding of what you’re envisioning. If you are not local we can arrange a videocall to develop a further understanding of the level of detail, emotions, energy, and colours of the artwork you would like created. I look forward to hearing from you.



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