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They say flight can only be experienced in the air, but they would be wrong. The root of the word comes from “pleu” - which is “to flow” - referencing the original way humankind conquered the vast bodies of water that entomb our continents. Using the same principles that allow us to gaze down upon our cities, the wing first took form as a fabric-like material upon a tall pole coupled to a boat. This was the origin of flight.

Though we no longer use sailing ships to carry exotic spices across the Indian Ocean, the allure of the sport still strikes deeply in the hearts of women and men alike. The visualization of a warm, clear night with a gentle wind just off the surface of the ocean. Water so calm, it becomes a flawless mirror for the starry tapestry we call the Milky Way. For in that moment, with the breeze gently caressing your face and your ship silently slipping through the water, you are a spaceship flying in an edgeless galaxy of stars. That perfect second, where there is nothing but you in a limitless universe is a feeling unmatched for every individual lucky enough to have experienced it.

Then there is the opposite - where you will often find the subspecies of sailors we call “racers.” I am a racer. Instead of smooth warm sailing, you often find us in the wildest of weather sailing the fastest of boats. We get our kicks from outpacing our competitors in an exercise of excellence, with a large trophy filled with rum at the end. And as our crew complement of 14 races on to Hawaii, our perfect moments come in the form of fastest speed record, biggest surf, and least amount of knock overs (otherwise known as broaches). We’re on day nine of our two week, 24 hours a day race over a thousand miles from land; energetic, competitive, and only a little sleep deprived. It’s our definition of perfect.

Medium: Faber-Castell Polychromos Color Pencil Painting, Caran D-Ache Luminance, and Derwent Lightfast Oil-based Coloured Pencils.

Paper: Strathmore Artist Tiles | 6” x 6” | 15.3 x 15.3 cm | 60 lb. | 160 g/m2 

Original: Includes professionally framed in a white frame, acid free, straight fit, Ultravue 70% glass and acid free backing with a wire backing. Bio, Certificate of Authenticity, and their individual story. 

Size:  6” x 6” | Framed 7 ⅛” SQUARE and ¾” deep

Pre-Order Limited Edition Print to Canvas: I have my artwork professionally scanned locally here in Vancouver, B.C. and printed to canvas using eco-solvent inks with a satin finish, gallery wrapped, and saw hook. Bio, Certificate of Authenticity, and their individual story is also included.

Size: 6 x 6 inches



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